Jar Jar Canes 1

Over the weekend I decided to start this caning project as a birthday gift for a friend. I learned how to do a basic swirl cane several years ago and over the past summer worked on a couple of jars, one of which I gave to my mom as a vase for a belated Mother’s Day gift. For this project, I used a large salsa jar. I first peeled off the label and used a combination of baking soda and vegetable oil to remove the sticky residue left by the adhesive. I washed the jar and lid in my dish washer and began softening clay I’ve had in a craft drawer for nearly ten years. I initially chose the dark blue, pink, and white combination because those are my friend’s favorite colors. Then I decided to make it more interesting I would add a sun design to one side. After rolling and slicing several pieces, I began the sun and surrounding blue swirls. As I worked, I decided to make a third swirl with the light blue, pink, and white to create a giant swirl opposite of the sun. This project took several hours to complete, but I am very happy with the end result and I plan to continue this kind of work in the future. Once I had completely covered the jar and lid I set both pieces in a glass dish and baked in my oven at 250 degrees for thirty minutes. I filled it with almonds and cashews and my friend will be able to use it to store whatever she sees fit!


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