Vanishing Point

We are not immortal. Don’t let their words fool you. Don’t take this time for granted because this life can be taken from you an instant. Death is an unstoppable, unforgivable force. It leaves no one behind. In that sense, Death may be the most trustworthy of ideals. Death will always make good on its promise to find you. You cannot hide. You cannot escape. The blink of time granted to you on this earth is a precious gift. Don’t waste away your days constantly looking back and clutching to the inevitable truth that it will all soon be over. You’ve got to look out beyond that rear view mirror and instead look towards the possibilities and opportunities presented. Do not buy into the fleeting pleasures of this world. They will not fulfill or redeem you. They will not prolong your existence. When you choose selfish desires and reckless behaviors, you choose selfishly. You forget about those who you have the power to impact. It’s easy to forget. In a moment of wild excitement their faces won’t cross your mind. But your face shall forever haunt their memories should you choose wrong. You are not invincible and you are not above Death. You are a fool if you ignore the idea that Death is the object in the mirror closer than it appears.


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