Don Quixote’s Nightmare

Throughout the semester, my design class required us to do an exercise called “Thing A Day” with the intention of making one thing everyday. They didn’t have to be well made but it was an effort to encourage creativity on a daily basis. (This often didn’t happen. Instead I was making many all at one time on a biweekly basis) I decided to make windmills. I really love taking photos of windmill and love looking back through old folders of photos and finding windmills from years ago. Anyways, this was my inspiration for deciding on windmills. The end result of the exercise is to have 100 (that’s right ONE ZERO ZERO) of these things made of random junk. Here, I will only showcase a few of my favorites.

Although it wasn’t required, I made some of them to actually turn. A little over a fourth of them can move, one makes noise with bells, and one lights up. Anyways, it was an interesting and challenging endeavor and I am glad to say it’s over.

Here is a picture of the complete set before I dismantled the ones I didn’t deem worthy to keep. Let me reiterate, there are one hundred of these things I had to make and turn in for a grade.



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