Project 4 Final Design Project

I was given natural disasters and Sandy Skoglund as my inspiration for this project. I chose to do a hurricane scene for the natural disaster and painted the main portion of the sculpture in a gray blue to mimic the gray and somber background colors SandySkoglund often uses. She contrasts these background with a single bright color that is repeatedly used on the same object as seen below:


I shifted the colors to be a blue gray to use for the ocean and waves and bright orange palm trees to complement the subtle blue. I incorporated two different mechanisms. One that moves two of the four waves up and down and a second mechanism I made without an example is the palm trees that fall over and are then pulled back into place (most of the time). I based the palm tree mechanism on the wooden toys like those pictured below:


I attached a small string to the wooden dowel that allows the palm tree to fall over as the mechanism is spun, but then the tree is pulled upright as the wheel returns to the resting position. I also incorporated a small bottle filled with crushed shells and closed with a cork to create a “message in a bottle” look. The rotating shell pieces are meant to sound a bit like ocean waves crashing although it is a bit difficult to achieve this on such a small scale. On the sides I added a mosaic of sea glass as a personal touch to make the piece more interesting overall. And although it can’t be seen, I rubbed a sand-scented candle on the pebbled surfaces of the box so that it might also engage the sense of smell in-person.

We were also required to create a twenty second persuasive video that incorporated our piece while relating a message. I unfortunately cannot add the video because I do not have the paid plan. Video editing is something I enjoy but have not often done so I am not proficient in any way but I am happy with how it turned out. I used the iMovie application on my laptop and used only original footage from a storm that happened a few weeks ago.

This is the conclusion of my design posts as I will no longer be taking design classes. I am, however, going to make a greater effort to post photography on a more regular basis. Let’s see how long I can keep this thing going.



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