Project 2 Upcycle Sewing

(*If you are here for a design class and want to make a project like mine, I suggest browsing Pinterest to find a pattern. Tip: rather than buying a bag of stuffing at a craft store, I went to a local dollar store and bought a cheap stuffed animal of decent size and recycled its stuffing. Sad, yes, but effective and inexpensive*)

For this second project each student went to a designated thrift store and purchased at least three articles of clothing to then create an entirely new object. Since I have never seriously sewn before I chose to make a stuffed animal for my project. I decided to make a stegosaurus after seeing some successful examples online.  I printed the outline of a stegosaurus body, slightly adjusted the size of the tail, and made a template based on the outline. It didn’t take long to get the hang of sewing all the tiny stitches and this project was actually sort of therapeutic in a way since the repetitive task was somewhat mindless and  I was really encouraged when I would periodically flip it inside out to check my progress. I am really happy with how the final piece turned out. Now, the finished product is donated back to the original thrift store to hopefully be sold later this month.










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