Project 1 Pop-Up Book

This semester kicks off Design 2 with a focus on three dimensional projects. The first of the four main projects is a pop-up book. Learning how to engineer a proper functioning pop-up book is something I never thought I would do, yet here I’ve done just that! I was tasked with creating a sort of informational pamphlet for the designer Dieter Rams who is known for his minimalist designs working with the Braun company. The front cover is based on a watch design and the back is a replica of Rams’ speaker design. When opened, the two halves create a complete circle. For my first of two mechanisms I chose to create a bookshelf as Dieter Rams is credited with designing the first wall-mounted shelving system. The sides are decorated with smaller versions of the speaker face. The second mechanism is of Dieter Rams’ iconic glasses with sheet protector inserts as the lenses. The additional flaps display another speaker design and the face of a record player designed by Rams. Overall, I am very pleased with how this project turned out. While meticulous and a little tricky to piece together, I believe my pop-up book is a success.









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