Project 6 Collage

I never got around to posting my sixth project from the first semester of Design. I simply forgot. But here it is! This project began with randomly selecting a line of poetry. Mine was “wish the lights would go back on, wish it was spring already” from the poem Terrible Love by Kevin Prufer. The line was then used for brainstorming information to create the final product. Mind mapping was used to enhance the flow of ideas. After that we were required to purchase materials from a local sort of art thrift store and incorporate the materials into the piece. Using the time lapse feature on my phone, I created a stop motion process video of the creation of the piece but I won’t post the video due to the size. I am extremely happy with the final outcome of the piece and it was even chosen to be displayed for a month in the art store where the supplies were purchased. More soon to come from this next semester of Design 2!


“Poetic Panel Project 6”


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