Project 2 Experiment

Finally kicking off Project 2 (I’m a little behind)! Please forgive me as I’ve been bogged down with other work and posting the three parts of Project 1 took a little longer than I anticipated. But, here we are finally seeing the second project. For this, we were required to select five of the images from project one and propose a construction paper experiment for each. We did little thumbnail practice images for each of the five but I am not going to post them since they’re not at all interesting. Instead, we are just jumping right into the final piece!

I decided that my Sharpie Swivle Chair design could use a bit of a face lift and experimented on it. I chose to actually cut my initial image in half to bring a more concentrated feel overall. This project was a cutting skills project. So I used an x-acto knife and black construction paper to make my piece a little bolder. Decide for yourself if you think my experiments improved that piece overall. The first image is of the original after I cut it down and the second, of course, has the addition of the black construction paper. I think this project was a success!

Proj2 Original01 Proj2 Experiment01


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