Project 1 Incidental Line Part 3

Finally we are wrapping up this first project with the final four images.

The first three images were actually all taken from the same piece. I used a pad of sticky notes, dipped the edge in the black paint, then thumbed through them as fast as possible. The more paint the bigger the splatter! So yes, I did the same design three times, but they are all so unique and detailed that I wanted to use as much of the piece as possible.




The very last is probably one of the weakest pieces I did (not a good way to end a post I know). But, I chose this to be the wrap-up because it is actually going to be the base of project two. For this design, I tied a sharpie to a desk chair (using the drawstring of my pajama pants because I was in a pinch) and spun around in the chair with the paper on the ground. I moved the paper several times so the curves would cover as much of the paper as possible.


In the end, I wished I’d had a really ultra thick sharpie just to give some variety. However, my chance to redeem this piece came about at the start of project two! More on that is soon to follow…


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