Project 1 Incidental Line Part 2

The second of the three part series of incidental lines!

The first two were both done by tying a sharpie to the end of my hair and swinging my head back and forth as the sharpie hit the paper. The first has more emphasis on nodding and shaking my head at the focal point.



The third was done by “playing” spin the bottle. I coated the bottle in watered-down paint and spun it on the paper several times.


The final piece for part 2 was done by dipping the end of a tape measure in paint and allowing it to drag across the paper. This one was a little tricky because letting it drag too slow would not put enough paint on the paper, but letting it snap back too fast actually punctured the paper in some places!


Part 2 is complete! Part 3 will be up in the next couple of days so that the next project can get rolling.


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