Project 1 Incidental Line Part 1

This semester for my Design class, we are required to upload images of our projects to a blog. However, that blog is done through the course website and will be terminated at the end of the semester. In order to keep a record of all my artsy ventures, I’ve decided that I will regularly post my projects here as well (as my schedule allows).

So, this first project is “incidental line” meaning that we were not allowed to directly use our hands to create the images. It was fun to do a little thinking-outside-the-box. So here is my first batch of images!

Part 1:

The first two are two of the stronger pieces. They were both done by bouncing a a bouncy ball dipped in paint on the paper. The second, I allowed the ball to roll across the page more often.



These next two are probably the two weakest compositions. The first was done by applying gobs of mascara onto my eyelashes and then butterfly kissing the paper several hundred times.


This final piece was done by tying strips of a plastic bag onto a fan. I then dipped the ends of the plastic in paint and turned the fan on while I held the paper up so the plastic could smack the paper repeatedly.


This is the first of three posts on this project. So there will be more to come soon!


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