Staying Afloat for the Moment

It has been nearly two years since I started this blog. It began as a tool for turning in assignments in my Photography class and then simply became something to do for fun as my photography teacher stopped checking it for grades. Then it resurfaced last school year when my English teacher required we keep a blog for journaling purposes that he could grade each week. That gave me reason to actually keep up with posting on a regular basis so I could keep my grades in good standing. However, he too stopped checking in after about three months of posts and I lost the drive to organize my thoughts and photography through blogging at all. As I am about to begin my first year of college I highly doubt I will have the time or energy to keep posting on a regular basis, but I hope to pop in and out every so often to share new photos or new thoughts. This set of images came after a particularly powerful rainstorm during our flash-flood season earlier this summer.


A great deal of water had collected at the base of a tree in the corner of the yard and as the rain subsided I quickly looked up a tutorial for making paper boats and set to work on the little pond that had formed in the yard. It was a little tricky to get the lighting right at first as my camera was trying to make it look like any normal sunny day but I wanted to get the more somber feel the storm had left behind.


I used pages from a book I salvaged back in tenth grade when an English teacher packed up boxes of old books to be thrown out. I snagged a few copies of the hard cover books and read each before using them for my own creative purposes. In the end, I was extremely pleased with how the photos turned out. The translucence of the wet paper and blurred words reflected in the water along with the distorted reflection of the world above. All of the different textures coming together in the soft natural light to create the serene images above.


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