The Storm Before the Calm

This past Thursday I experienced one of the most unanticipated and unnatural storms I have ever seen in my natural life. The entire school day of Thursday was completely normal and uneventful as usual. However, at approximately four o’clock that afternoon the weather took a severe turn. Around 3:30 I had noticed some dark clouds accumulating in the sky as I walked with some of my afternoon art students to their class. I simply wrote it off as just some light rain coming in even as one of the students continually begged me to check the weather on my phone. I did not do so because I assumed that she was really only looking to take pictures or find games. But during their class time, I happened to look out the window where I saw the wind frantically blowing and I only had about a minute to process the severity of the storm before we lost electricity. The wind continued to pick up until it came to the point it looked almost as if it were snowing outside because of the dust that had been picked up in the wind. There was such an accumulation of dust that we could not see anything beyond the windows of the classroom, not even the lit restaurant sign that couldn’t be more than fifty feet away. Luckily we had a small class so there was not any mass panicking. Only a few girls were worried, the rest were caught up in the excitement of “art in the dark”. By the time the class ended, the wind had died down quite a bit and when all of the students were gone I left for home worried about my dog as she becomes anxious even at the notion of thunder. Two of the main roads I take to get home were blocked by fallen trees and there were branches of all sizes everywhere you looked. When I arrived home I found most everything to be in order. There were only a few unusually large branches that had fallen, but no damage. The dog was uneasy but extremely glad that I had returned and she and I then took the opportunity to go out and asses the now calm and cool day through photography.




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