The Sensation of Pulling the Trigger

Imagine for a moment the weighted feel of cold metal, the slick flat plastic, and the rubber grip perfectly fitted into the grasp of your hand. Imagine as you look through the sights at what lies before you. Just a little pressure concentrated into one finger and then the click, a flash of light, a blink, and you’ve pulled the trigger. It’s quick, just a second, but that second makes all the difference. You were sure to precisely set up the shot in the perfect position. You took into account all of the angles and measurements involved, leaving nothing to be forgotten. Perhaps, you may have even over-thought certain aspects of what it would take to make this shot possible. But there is always that small twinge of doubt that you believe you’ve overcome until it once again resurfaces at the very moment you apply the pressure needed to connect to the trigger. It is in that split second that suddenly every doubt and misgiving you’ve ever had comes rushing back into your mind. You slightly jerk to the side, but not from the kickback of the machine in your hands. This is in your mind from every uncertainty of all of the other aspects in your life. But here and now is a moment that you have complete control over and you are the ultimate benefactor. You look down to see the aftermath of your own actions; wondering if there was anything you could have improved. But when you see the final product, the end result, you smile in spite of yourself because you could not have asked for anything better. Everything about the shot was clean and perfect, from the angle, the exposure, the lighting. So with that, you click off your camera and head home for the day.



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