Shamu’s Domain

     While I am well aware of the negative buzz that has always seemed to surround SeaWorld and other marine parks of the like, such negativity did not stop me from visiting the aquatic zoo this past spring. While I was there all of the animals seemed to be in pristine care and their handlers appeared to love their jobs. Heck, if I had the opportunity to work with such beautiful creatures I’d love every moment of it. However, I do know that looks can be deceiving and there is no way for me to know what goes on behind the scenes. I can only pray those animals are well cared for in every aspect. But since I am limited to the knowledge of a park guest I will be satisfied with what I see from the outside.


I believe that what SeaWorld does by bringing such exotic animals to normal everyday people such as myself, is an un-paralleled experience that I otherwise would not have. There is about a zero to none chance that I will ever make it out to the plains of Africa to see a wild lion and his pride in their natural habitat. Instead, because I have been to my local zoo, I can still experience the majesty of this powerful creature. SeaWorld is able to give me the same experience by bringing me animals I could never dream of seeing in the wild. Some believe that it is cruel to make these aquatic animals preform in front of large crowds several times a day. But in my opinion, this is a declaration of just how powerful they are. They seem perfectly content in their way of life and it gives people the opportunity to get up close and personal with a creature that can remind us just how amazing God created this world to be. Because when Shamu made his first appearance, I was left in complete awe of the graceful black and white beast and I have every intention of visiting him and his friends in the future.



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