Back to the Grind

Aaaaaaaand summer has come to a close and it’s back to the same ‘ole school routine. As I acclimate my brain back into learning mode I’ll be taking up the blog again but with a different spin this year. For anybody who actually takes the time to stare at my pictures or read the words I type out, I’m sorry for my absence. This year, while I’ll be updating new photography developments, I am not actually taking photography class this year and I will instead be gearing this blog more towards the paragraph setting (but also including pictures of course). I figure that (although the writing portion will be for a grade in my English class) this will be a good incentive to continue to actively get out there and take some pictures! So I’ll be around more with the start of the school year and who knows where this year will take me!


The feature photo sums up the highlight of my summer ~ white water rafting! I’ve never done anything like and I would absolutely love to get out there again in the future!

Until next time…


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